• X-MRE Entree only Chili Macaroni

    The XMRE Main entree is 8 oz of fully cooked, US Military grade meals great for the outdoors, on the run, road trips, or emergencies. These meals will provide proper nutrition, without adding water, while maintaining a long shelf life.
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    Brand: XMRE
    MSDS:Chicken Pesto Pasta, Penne Pasta With Veggie Sausage, Beef Brisket, Beef Taco, Shredded BBQ Beef, Chicken Fajita, Mexican Chicken Stew, XMRE INS Chilli and Macaroni, GI BW Chicken alfredo sticker, Creamy Spinach, Hashbrown Potatoes with Bacon, Beef Stew, Beef Ravioli in Meat Sauce, Chicken Pesto Pasta
    Product Origin: USA
    Components: 8oz. Each Entree, 5 Years Shelf Life, US Military Grade
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